Equi-Librio Case Studies

Case Studies

Case #1: 
Age: 10
Thoroughbred Gelding

  • Presenting Complaint 

Head tossing during ridden work, carries head and neck to the left, avoiding bit contact, jumps flat, unable to rotate his pelvis forward, doesn’t engage his hind end, right front tendon issue

  • History

Diagnosed with kissing spine T14-T15

  • Physical Exam Findings:

Congested left eye, left facial artery more congested, poll/atlas range of motion (ROM) restricted, TMJ spacing tighter left, moderate TMJ pain, lumbar area tight bilaterally, limbo-sacral junction restricted bilaterally, hamstrings tight, weak top line

Owner´s comments:

“I have been working for months on building muscle dn top line and had no improvement prior to his dental”

“Overall his character, forwardness and confidence has grown in leaps and bounds!”

“This would not have been possible without the amazing dental work”

-C.M, SA

  • Photos were taken before treatment and then 2 months later
  • No significant changes have been made to his diet or training/exercise programme
  • He receives regular bodywork


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