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"Ich wollte euch nur kurz Bescheid geben, dass es Jim bestens geht! Er ist heute von der Muskulatur schon wesentlich weicher, auch an der Hinterhand. Ich habe ihn heute longiert und so habe ich ihn noch nie laufen sehen. Er hat seine Hinterbeine viel besser gehoben und hat fast ausgeschaut, als würde er schweben!!! Vielen, vielen Dank!"

Christina Singer - Deutschland

"Since your visit Zeffy has had huge positive changes. They took the best part of a week but he now looks like a different horse. Generally he is much more relaxed and no longer looks like he has a headache. His jaw and head is no longer tense. Most of the swelling has gone from his jaw and eyes. His jaw has much more motion in both directions. He is no longer grumpy. He can flex to both the right and the left. Best of all, when I take him for in-hand hacks, he is forward and interested in his surroundings. He looks like he´s enjoying himself. He no longer looks like a zombie. I feel like my beautiful boy is returning to me. Sylvia, I am so grateful to you! Natural Balance Dentistry has made such a difference. I hope for other horses that it rapidly takes over from traditional dentistry."

Jane Charlton - UK

"Today, my beautiful loan, Micky Blue Eyes experienced a Spencer LaFlure trained Natural Balance Dentist. And what an eye opener that was! This type of dentistry takes the whole horse into consideration by evaluating all asymmetries, particularly the pre-maxilla and pre-mandible of the head, muscle mass and posturing of the entire body. All this is either positively or negatively affected by the alignment of the occlusal surfaces of the teeth and how that sets the Temporomandibular Joint (TMJ). Of interest to me, other than the “Wholistic approach”, is the dentist “focuses on adjustment of enamel folds of the molar table surface, NOT pathology such as hooks, ramps, waves, etc. The sharp edges, ramps, and hooks are all signs the jaw is out of alignment NOT the real cause of the problem. The problem with continually removing pathology is that you reverse the natural bite plane of the molars which causes instability of the TMJ. This will in turn affect the whole horse negatively”!! For those of us freeing our horses of discomfort and pain through the medium of Equine Touch, this process of Natural Balance Dentistry explains why we often have a reoccurring biomechanical issue that we never seem to be able to get to the bottom of, including the bloody Feet. Thanks to Rachel Bedingfield for bringing Sylvia to the UK today and look forward to seeing her here again at the end of the year. Yet another day of enlightenment"
Jane Adams - UK

Sylvia Johanna Read will be with me in Yorkshire next week. All her appointments are booked this time, but if you are interested in working with her, she plans to come over every six months.
I highly recommend her and Natural Balance Dentistry as a the best holistic approach to your whole horse health, not just for dentistry. Contact Sylvia here.

Rachel Bedingfield. UK

"On another note, I would just like to say a big thank you for your time on Tuesday, visiting my horse Eddie to naturally balance his teeth. You were so lovely, calm, gentle, friendly and quiet with Eddie, the whole experience was both enjoyable and relaxing for Eddie and me as a horse owner. A very different picture from previous appointments with the vet, using power tools to float Eddie's teeth. It was particularly lovely to see Eddie working with you while rasping his teeth.

It is the first time I have seen Eddie so chilled and happy about having his teeth done. I couldn't believe how relaxed he was throughout the whole procedure.

Since having his teeth floated by you, Eddie has been making a lovely crisp and even chopping noise when eating and I feel confident he is now fully comfortable and happy in his mouth.

Thank you so much for your time and effort.

Same time, same place next year."
B. Middleton, Buxton, UK.

"Huge thank you to Sylvia Johanna Read, Natural Balance Dentist and MMCP, Portugal.
I love this photo of you and Selena whilst we were waiting for her to be sleepy enough. You are so great at managing your own energy levels it really helps the horses relax. The clarity you give them too also helps them remain calm - all in all a wonderful couple of calm dentistry days :)
Looking forward to their check ups in December!"
C. Waldron, Cortijo de Segura, Spain

"Zum einen habe ich das Gefühl, das dieser Tag der Beginn einer wesentlichen Veränderung war. So ein "Meilensteingefühl". Ich freu mich das du beim nächsten Mal weniger Sedierung nehmen kannst. Gadi´s alte Zahnärztin hatte gesagt, das sie beim nächsten Mal mehr Sedierung nehmen muss. Am Sonntag bin ich ausgeritten und habe statt dem dicken Filzpad das Lammfellpad mit Einlagen genommen. Es hat sich gut angefühlt. Auf dem Rückweg bin ich Schulterherein im Schritt geritten, auf der rechten Seite hat er gleich gekaut und ich hatte das Gefühl, das ich die Bewegung bis hinten durch den ganzen Körper spüren konnte. Es fühlte sich toll an.

Am Mittwoch war ich mit Gadi auf dem Reitplatz, wir haben Bodenarbeit gemacht. Er hat den wohl schönsten spanischen Schritt gezeigt, den ich je von ihm gesehen habe.
Er hat nicht nur die Vorderbeine so hoch und weit gehoben, es schien mir mehr, das er hinten besser Untertreten konnte. Seine gesamte Koordination war richtig gut. Er ist meistens bei solchen Übungen sehr konzentriert, der Eindruck von mir war, das er seinen Körper viel besser ausbalancieren konnte und der spanische Schritt ihm darum so leicht fiel.
Noch mal ganz vielen Dank, das du den weiten Weg zu uns auf dich genommen hast. Ich bin schon gespannt auf´s nächste Jahr!"

S.R., Hildesheim

"Danke Sylvia Johanna Read und Sarah Schaffner für das wunderschöne, entspannte und vor allem lehrreiche Wochenende! Ich hatte noch nie einen so entspannten Zahnarztbesuch, die Reaktionen/Feedback der Ponys bestätigen, dass es sich nun um 100% angenehmer im Maul und somit im ganzen Körper anfühlt. Ich wünsche jedem Pferd auf dieser Welt, dass es eine seiner Natur nach bestimmte, ausbalancierte, individuelle Zahnbehandlung bekommt! Mit Gefühl und Einfühlungsvermõgen für das Pferd! Wunderbar - wir freuen uns sehr auf Oktober!"

Vroni K. Beerbach

"Feedback on Guess after NBD visit:

  • head tilting jaw wiggle behavior has stopped
  • rotation of skull i.e. stelling has improved considerably (before it was a challenge to the right)
  • mental state & focus during training has improved
  • gait has improved - increased, relaxed extension"

Anina, South Africa 

"Sylvia’s approach to equines is professional, thorough, caring and enthusiastic. She is one of the most diligent and determined people I know and embraces the opportunity to work with any horse whatever their discipline, with gusto. Having watched her develop her intuition, knowledge and sense of touch since 2015, I am always impressed by the attention she brings to her work and I recommend her highly. Furthermore she is able to make practical suggestions which help support each horse between sessions to make the most of their rehabilitation."
Rachel Boase

"Sylvia hat gestern den ganzen Tag bei mir und meinen Pferden verbracht und wir waren sehr beindruckt über ihre professionelle Arbeitsweise und die starken Entspannungszeichen bei den Pferden. Ich bin so froh, jemanden im Süden Portugals gefunden zu haben, der meinen Pferden so gut helfen kann!"
Sandra Dias da Cunha

"After Sylvia treated my horses they all felt more relaxed and worked much more freely through their Bodies."
James Michael Read

"Bentley loved this morning when Sylvia came over to check him out!
Myself and Dad were amazed and in awe of her working.
Definitely will be asking Sylvia to come over again when she's back in the UK."
B. Kay, Tattenhall, UK

"Hello Sylvia, we appreciate that You did a great job! It is not only the skilled and very concentrated manner You worked.

There is no machine with its ugly and disturbing noise. And especially we like Your sensitive handling of our horses.

Go ahead this way.

All the best from Bavaria."
R.K., Germany

Anthea´s feedback from South Africa

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