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Two years ago I introduced a free choice “hay high” hay net, based on the suggestion by the renowned Sharon May-Davis to promote a good posture whilst eating, giving horses a break from their usual one leg forward, one leg back position. A position that can be linked to the high heel- low heel syndrome.

By horses “browsing” at wither height, they are encouraged to stand square with their front and sometimes hind legs, building up the highly innervated cybernetic muscles of the spine such as the m. Multifdi and m. Longus Colli.
These muscles are vital in stabilizing and strengthening the spine!

“Hay high” is a simple daily feeding regime, that can be incorporated as an effective strengthening exercise with beneficial effects on the whole of the horses body.

Eine Reihe von Lehrvideos von Spencer LaFlure, Gründer und Erfinder der Natural Balance Dentistry™

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